Staffingpreneurs Academy Presents...
One Placement Could Change Your Life...
staffingpreneurs academy & six figure staffing startup presents...
One Placement Could Change Your Life...
$15 is all it takes to get your place and in the next upcoming 30-Day Blitz Challenge. This challenge is for the Staffingpreneur who is ready to 10X their business in sales, talent pipelining and relationship building. This is an individual and team challenge designed to help you create a rhythm in running your business and working in your business. You don't have a boss holding you accountable for the results in your business - YOU ARE THE BOSS! Sometimes, it's hard to see what you're not doing to move the business ahead, until you've done it. You WILL move your business ahead with this 30-Day Blitz Challenge. Understand and know...if it's true that your candidates are your capital AND people do business with people they like and know, this challenge will get you moving towards your goals, faster!
$15 Enrollment Fee
You will then be directed to the enrollment form for you to choose your team or be A team capitan!
Staffingpreneurs matched 1,071 people into jobs 
during in 2017 over four different 30-day blitz challenges
Earn Your Spot In The Next 30 Day Blitz Challenge 
April 1, 2018!!!
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Our First 30 Day Blitz Challenge - May 2017
The Staffingpreneurs 30-Day Blitz Challenge
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